Comprehensive AdultFriendFinder Review

What Is AdultFriendFinder?

You don’t even have to read the AdultFriendFinder review to figure out that it’s a website for adults where they can safely hook up with other people. It is a comfortable and enjoyable app designed specifically to satisfy the needs of adults seeking to add spice into their lives. Many reviews of members mention that there are tons of profiles of the hottest ladies and sexiest men.

This review has all the needed information to satisfy your curiosity about this amazing website. Adult Friend Finder is indeed one of the biggest hookup sites out there, with thousands of users’ reviews and feedback from users.

It has earned a great reputation since it offers tons of fun features, including account boosts, video calls, hooking up, observing content for adults, etc. People are flirty and waiting to meet other attractive individuals nearby. So, now you know what is It’s time to learn how to benefit from using this amazing platform.

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AdultFriendFinder Usability

Like it was mentioned, Adult Friend Finder is a hookup platform, so it is of great interest to those singles (and sometimes even couples) who want to meet partners for regular sex. It is one of the most convenient apps out there, offering millions of profiles in many countries. It could be used in more than twenty countries and in multiple cities, so anyone has a chance to find partners.

Due to peoples’ reviews, the application of the hookup website has several options to choose from in terms of what you need. For example, you may indicate that you are seeking regular sex partners, several partners, are open to threesomes, etc. The reviews also affirm – Adult Friend Finder is used by swingers.

It is usable by people of all sexual orientations – straight and gay people, bisexuals, etc. Most users are men, but there are lots of women as well, so everyone meets who they want to. It’s easy to use the site to find partners due to reviews. People affirm in reviews – members of the community are extremely active and very flirty.

There are tons of profiles of extremely attractive individuals who approach other members. Even if you are offline, someone might message you about a date. It makes it a lot easier to meet partners by using Adult Friend Finder.

Is AdultFriendFinder Worth It?

The truth about AdultFriendFinder is that it is worth using if you want to hook up. Some people might be attracted by the thought to meet someone and establish long-term relationships. In reality, the only long-term relationship to start on the platform is to establish romantic relationships with no strings attached. It’s fun and safe since you meet attractive ladies or gentlemen, you figure out whether you have compatible temperaments, and you start dating without anything serious attached.

It’s also fun and enjoyable to use the site since it has a big database. The AdultFriendFinder dating site reviews mention the ease of use when seeking partners nearby. Even those people who have just created an account on Adult Friend Finder an hour ago may be lucky enough to immediately meet compatible attractive individuals.

It is a safe platform, and reviews mention the work of moderators and administration. They keep an eye on the situation on the website to make sure everyone is gaining the best possible experience. Reviews also mention lots of fun features such as live streaming, blogs, and fun magazines to enjoy while seeking partners, an amazing Sex Academy with some awesome and very useful tips, etc.

Check out the pros and cons of using the site to figure out whether it fits your lifestyle.

AdultFriendFinder sex community


  • Has one of the biggest databases among all other apps.
  • Quick and simple registration – takes a few clicks.
  • High profile quality.
  • Groups, adult chat rooms, contests, erotic stories, etc., as fun additional features.
  • Seeks members nearby (depending on your desires).
  • Usable by people of all sexual orientations and genders.
  • Has a friendly environment.


  • Has several fake accounts.

Even though the Adult Friend Finder platform has some fake accounts, it is easy to distinguish them. Moreover, as reviews mention, the moderators of the site quickly detect such accounts and block them for good.

How Does AdultFriendFinder Work?

The review of AdultFriendFinder affirms that the system relies on the location of users and their preferences. First, users complete the questionnaire related to their personal preferences. They have to answer such questions as who they want to meet, what they prefer in sex, what is the sexual orientation, etc. Then the system finds compatible examples of profiles nearby.

But is AdultFriendFinder good? It is since it meets all the requirements of users willing to hook up. The reviews confirm – couples find other couples, singles meet compatible and attractive individuals. The site is full of amazing content, and there are tons of amazing features to interact with attractive users of the site.


Use the AdultFriendFinder log in button to create an account. The registration takes several minutes and requires answering pretty standard questions like these:

  • Age.
  • Name.
  • Who you prefer.
  • Whether you seek couples.
  • Country and region (your location).
  • Email to send verification link.

Answer these questions and click on the confirm button. Then go to the mailbox and verify the account. The reviews mention it is important to complete your profile, so make sure to add as many characteristics as possible.



Is legit? It is a real website with amazing and useful features. It has a safe environment for all users, and the reviews are positive. It has several safety measures implemented to protect members of the AdultFriendFinder community.

Search & Profile Quality

The search mechanism is just like any other search. Members mention in reviews the ease of use of the search. Just click on the needed features describing your desired couple, add location, and start the search process. The system shows lots of amazing profiles, and reviews mention most of them belong to people nearby.

As for the quality of profiles, it is of a high level. Members of the Adult Friend Finder community make sure to answer questions in the profile and add as many photos as possible. So it’s easy to meet casual dating partners.

Prices & Plans

There are several types of subscriptions (from a month to a year). Choose one which fits your lifestyle. A trial period is also available. The prices are average, pretty affordable, especially when buying a longer subscription.

Help & Support

The support team offers quality help, so you may ask questions or help if you have something on your mind. There is a Help section if you have questions. But if you need help, directly contact the support chat.


It’s an amazing website to use, and to benefit from AdultFriendFinder reviews are positive; the site is full of awesome content and has plenty of fun features. Is AdultFriendFinder safe? Yes, it is. Is AdultFriendFinder fun to use? Again yes! So give it a try.

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How To Use AdultFriendFinder?

It is simple - create an account! It’s easy and takes a few clicks and several questions to answer. The next important thing is to fill in the profile. It is a fun and enjoyable process since you get to tell about your sexual preferences and desires. Then add photos to a profile and start using all the amazing features available on Adult Friend Finder.

What Do AdultFriendFinder Dating Site Reviews Say?

Most reviews about the Adult Friend Finder platform specify the availability of fun features. It’s a positive thing since there are lots of features, for example, live streaming, Sex Academy with amazing tips, blogs and magazines, erotic stories, adult content, and meeting people nearby. That’s why the reviews are mostly positive. The less positive reviews highlight the existence of fake accounts, but such accounts get blocked by the AdultFriendFinder administration.

How To Meet People On AdultFriendFinder?

To make sure you are using the website to the fullest, allow AdultFriendFinder access to your location. When you switch on this amazing function, AdultFriendFinder starts seeking partners nearby. Go to the profiles section, check out all the amazing profiles. There is information telling how close each person is to you. That’s how you find people due to reviews!

What Are The Safety Measures On AdultFriendFinder?

AdultFriendFinder has several safety measures to ensure all members of the community gain only a positive experience. The Internet connection is safe; the payments are safe; your data is protected. The AdultFriendFinder administration makes sure they detect all the fake profiles and check the suspicious activity. If AdultFriendFinder users have questions, they may use the support chat to gain answers.

Is AdultFriendFinder Free To Use?

AdultFriendFinder has some free options like the search, blogs and magazines are free to read, etc. But the best features are available after upgrading to premium. Just upgrade the account, and you will begin an amazing journey and meet awesome people online and in person.

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